Since 1988 President Patrick Decker has been vigilant in providing you with the best quality, skill and service for your project. With his start as a framer, he makes sure our team focuses on every detail from start to finish. Our team is made up of experienced and hard working individuals who strive to make your vision a reality. Become a part of the Decker family by contacting us today!

Patrick Decker - President

Patrick Decker is our fearless leader. While providing our customers with a carefree experience, he also provides the best experience for his employees. Pat takes his time with each customer to make sure they are heard, understood and valued while also doing the same for his team. Patrick’s reputation is highly respected in the communities we serve. When you don’t find Pat on the job site, you can find him in the woods with a bow or spending time with his family.

Chuck Sullivan - Supervisor

Chuck Sullivan is your man on the job. With his extensive knowledge in all realms of the construction industry, Chuck is one of a kind and an extremely important asset to Decker Builders. He is hands on and fully involved in your construction project. While on the job Chuck is laser focused on getting the job done. In Chuck’s down time you will find him on his dirt bike kicking up dust.

Arianna Burmeister - Project Manager

Arianna Burmeister is a key element of your project from start to finish. She handles everything with promptness and an A+ attitude. Arianna is in charge of everything running smoothly to ensure the proper flow of each project while providing our customers with an enjoyable experience. With her family back ground in the industry, Arianna proves to be a natural. When she is not at work, Arianna is spending time with her family, friends and dog Oakley.

Janet Shechter - Office Manager

Janet Shechter handles everything in the interior while also providing constant support for our team. Janet understand the importance of organization and sharpness when it comes own to the nitty gritty of the office. Janet maintains a great relationship with our suppliers and makes sure nothing goes unnoticed. On her off days, Janet spends time with her children and grand children.